Apple Detox by Edgar Cayce

I prefer a detox/cleanse that is simple, straightforward, and only annoys my family a little.



For three days eat only peeled apples with bumps on the bottom. (Red Delicious)

Drink lots of pure water.

At the very end of day 3 have two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Red DeliciousRed Delicious

Why Apples?

Apples are high in Pectin. In medicine, pectin increases viscosity and volume of stool so that it is used against constipation.

The Red Delicious apples are less harsh on the stomach then other apple types when you eat a whole bunch of them. No sore stomach.

MacIntoshSpartanGolden Delicious

Secret Recipes

Apple Chunks

Chop up the peeled/cored apples into bite sized chunks and store them in pure water air-sealed tupperware containers. The apple flavor is almost totally wiped out into the water. You can even drink the apple juice.

Apple Sauce

Mash up the apples. Add pure water. Slightly warm on the oven. Delicious.

AmbrosiaMacIntoshRed DeliciousSpartan


Peel and core a bunch of apples ahead of time. I usually do 6-8 at a time. I found having to peel each apple right before you ate it started to have apple peels and fumes constantly bombarding the senses for the whole three days. Didn’t help at all.

Try out the apple recipes above.

Add in an activity with minimal exercise requirements, but creates some sweat to aid in toxin release. Like An Infrared sauna.

MacIntoshSpartanGolden DeliciousAmbrosiaRed Delicious

Only if absolutely required allowances

    – Enjoy any type of apple, peel or no peel

    – 1 Coffee per day to overcome caffeine headaches

    – Eat some food.

    - Some people do a 2-day or even a 1-day apple detox for some of the benefits.

    - Congratulate yourself on what you did accomplish. You can always try again later.

Apple Tree

The official link for more Apple Detox information is here.

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